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Ultra clean, high performance barrier fluid for optimized performance in mechanical seals by improving seal performance.

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Part of Chesterton sealing solution
Ultra clean for long seal face life
Minimize seal face wear and extend seal life
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Extremely low particle count minimizes face wear and extends seal life
Godkänd enligt FDA-standard 21CFR 178.3620 a & b, 178.3570
Good thermal stability
Compatible with most fluids (mineral oil, PAO, and diester: not miscible with glycols or silicones)
Behållarnas storlek: 20 l, 208 l
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H1-registrerat av NSF
Mechanical seal barrier fluid
For high temperatures, above 120 ˚C (250 ˚F) use 610 Plus Synthetic Lubricating Fluid
Behållarnas storlek: 20 l, 208 l